From physical to digital communication world…with Lynkee, even more !
Convert your contact in
a QR code with lynkee2
Share easily your contact with your friends by generating a Vcard code directly in Lynkee. Just select “Generate” menu, select your contact from your phonebook and Lynkee will generate the related QR code on your phone screen so that you can share it by Mail, MMS, social networks or just scanning it from your friend’s phone…with Lynkee of course!
Even if it is free, we aim to do our best to combine the power of this software to its ergonomics. We listen your feedback to improve Lynkee because it is through you that your favorite reader lives!

Lynkee 2 can now connect you directly to a wifi network just by scanning a wifi 2D tag type, a quick solution to make sharing WiFi network keys easy.
If you scan a geolocation tag, Lynkee shows the related location on your phone map.

Lynkee browser is now capable to decode barcode within a web page.
Lynkee allows you to scan a code from camera but also online barcodes directly from your phone while you are surfing on a web page. Just open web scan, go to the page you want to see, and if there’s a tag on it, just press the scanning button and lynkee will decode it for you!
eg.: if a web page contains a vCard type code, you can scan directly from Lynkee browser and retrieve/save the contact on your phone!

Lynkee allows you to keep track of all the scans you made. You can view all scans by tag category in the “History” page. Bookmark and rename your favorite scans to easily find them later. Easy to access, easy to manage, you can find your scans anytime in the bookmark page.

Easily share and spread your scans on the social network or by mail. You can also share some online product search results on Facebook and Twitter such as CD, DVD, Books to best price.

download lynkee directly from
your mobile phone at: