...all begins with Lynkware!

Lynkware is an innovative software company operating in the AIDC, Automatic Identification and Data Collection.
The Company is the first publisher in the world to offer a concept and innovative solutions by combining the expertise of a team that specializes in automatic identification of goods and people with new technologies related to mobile phones.

The products offered are based on identification technologies: on one hand, we use analysis and image recognition technologies, RFID, augmented reality and on the other hand, those used in the mobile world as SMS, MMS, Mobile Internet, Geolocation, DVB-H, in order to virtualize and make information mobile, boost the content of printed and / or digital material.

Standardization, technological developments such as mass marketing and offers from operators, now enter the mobile phone as a mass media while remaining a personal media.
We, at Lynkware, imagine that soon every phone will be able to understand the content of the images and extract meaningful information. We see a future where communication between mobile phones and other digital devices is not mainly based on radio frequency but also on the image processing.
Lynkware develops and offers a software suite dedicated to the identification for mobile phones and other digital technology based on image recognition. We identify and dynamize image content and link the physical and the virtual world.
Today the world is mobile : we are living the replication of the Internet boom of the '90s with the mobile web. Through our solutions for identification and authentication, we use the power of the mobile web by creating new forms of interaction between the various media technologies through image processing and radio frequency.
To ensure interoperability and usability of our solutions, we use the GS1 global standards, HOTP, JIS ...